Hot Pink is my Jam

I spent last Saturday snowed in, watching Lord of the Rings with my family and online window shopping. I started trolling the archives of DesignLoveFest because I love seeing all of the cute stuff Bri puts in the Blogshop goodie bags (PS I am also dying to go to a Blogshop! Come to Colorado, please!). As I bookmarked, favorited and pinned my various finds, I noticed one color in particular kept showing up: Hot Pink. We've always been friends, Hot Pink and I, but I've been drawn to it more than ever, lately (much to my soon-to-be husband's chagrin, I'm sure). So, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Hot Pink finds from Etsy and Pinterest Enjoy.


I actually broke down and bought that tote bag from Alphabet Bags (tote bags: another strange current obsession of mine) and I'm dying for those adorable Kate Spade Keds. Speaking of Kate Spade, are you as ecstatic as I am about Kate Spade Saturday? I already have my eye on some cute new sunnies!

 What's your color obsession these days? 

xo Allison

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