The Streets of Paris

I wish I could blame my absence on being in Paris this whole time, but alas, I've just been plain-old busy, and  my poor little blog got neglected. But, I'm ba-ack! And ready for some blogging action.

I thought I'd share a fun shopping trip I took with my mom to the Paris Street Market here in crazy Colorado. On the first Saturday of every summer month (May-October) a parking lot fills up with tents full of vintage and hand-made goodies, and over a thousand over-heated, popcorn-munching people trying to find the best stuff before everyone else. It's tons of fun. If you're near the Littleton area (or even if you're not!) it's worth a look. This time, my mom and I were scouring for wedding things, but it's also fun to just wander though and see what you can find! I've purchased dresses, furniture, books and, my favorite, a vintage jewelry box, over the years as well as some amazing hand-made things (Hello, Beatles record tote bag!).

I'm still a little awkward about bringing my camera out in public, so I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked, not to mention that I still don't fully know how to use it, so some of them are overexposed beyond recognition. I'm working on it.

Do you have any summer traditions you look forward to all year? This is mine, for sure!

xo Allison

(PS I get married in 12 weeks! Ah!)

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