Easy-Peasy Glitter Notebook

Hello and happy Wednesday! As promised I have a super fun, glittery DIY for you today. This DIY also goes hand in hand with a exciting announcement:
I'm getting married this summer!
My fiance, Jake, and I were planning on waiting to get married until June 2014, but we changed our minds, decided we were ready now, and jumped on the wedding-planning-train! Yay! So, with all of this planning going on (stressful!) I needed something to jot down important to-dos and random inspiration, so, I created this beauty. This DIY is so simple and can be done in an hour, seriously. Let's get started. 

Supplies Needed: A notebook (mine is a kraft paper Molskine) a pencil, regular school glue (hot glue does NOT work well), paper to put under your work, clear nail polish and glitter, of course! 


1/ Write your word or phrase in pencil. 2/ Trace over your writing with glue. Steady hand! 3/ Cover that with ALL THE GLITTER! But, seriously, douse the glue in glitter so all of it is covered. 4/ Tap the glitter off and on to a piece of paper. Pour the excess glitter back into its container. 5/ After the glue is dry, paint over the glitter with clear nail polish. This will prevent most of the shedding, there may be some, but not as much as there would be without it, trust me. 6/ Admire it! 

And that's it! Like I said, super simple, but really fun. You can use this method to glitter bomb almost anything, which is always a plus. What will you glitter? I'm thinking greeting cards would be really fun, too. 

xo Allison 

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