Hello, again

A whole week of silence, I know, is shameful. But, last week was crazy, and exciting, and I'll be sharing why very soon!

Anyways, here are a few snapshots from this last week, for your enjoyment.

1. My cozy bed. It is almost impossible to get out of in the morning. 
2. This girl, she loves her treats.
3. Having the pretty evening light still shining in my room at 5:30 is such a luxury. Now if only we can get some leaves on those trees and warmth in the air! I'm ready for spring (have I mentioned?).
4. Making some delicious iced coffee. I'll definitely be making more tomorrow! Nom.
5. The fluffiest of paws. 
6. Happy mirror pictures with my love. 
7. The lovely tulips making their final appearance. Very sad to see them go :(

That was a little taste of my week, get ready for a super awesome, super glittery DIY tomorrow and a happy announcement that's also a little bit glittery (but what isn't, really?)! Yay. 

xo Allison 

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