Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I didn't really know how to start off this post, so I think I'll just dive right in.

My life is very crazy busy right now. Jake and I get married in less than 2 months (yay!) I just got a full time nannying job that keeps me busy 45 hours a week, I have a family to spend time with and a doggie to walk whenever I get the chance. I'm loving how busy I am as of late, but at the end of every day, I feel guilty for having gone yet another day without making any progress on my dear old (new) blog. So, a few nights ago, I wrote down all of the ways I'd like to spend my free-time, and then I ranked them. It was a fairly short list, but with a lot of major things on it. Then, I took my pen and drew a line after the top 5 things that were most important, and as I dreaded and suspected, my little blog was number 6. It's time for me to take a little break, and put GS on hold until after the wedding and Jake and I have settled into our new life and schedules. It won't be long (yeah) but it needs to be done. I've seriously been putting off this post for some time, because I didn't want to face the facts, but here I finally am, facing them.

Jeez, first cat pouch and now this, this blog is way more serious than I intend it to be.

Anyways, thanks to all who have been following along so far and you can keep up with the madness by following me on Instagram until I'm back to blogging. Lucky for you, on my time off, I'll still be dreaming up a million new ideas to share with you. So, that's cool.

xo  Allison

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