DIY// Cat Pouch

I had been wanting to create this cat pouch for a long time. A friend gave me this glorious cat vest after wearing it as a part of her Halloween costume, and I saw its potential right away. It took me a while to find enough time to make it, but one morning I felt super inspired after a long dry spell of my creativity.  And so, I knew it was time to, at long last, give life to cat pouch. And it was awesome.

I write this post with a twinge sadness in my heart, though. After making cat pouch, I was so excited about it that I brought it over to Jake's house to show him. We, of course, talked about how awesome it was and which cat we thought was the ugliest. And then we went out to the car to go to lunch, I set it on the roof of the car and I drove away. I never set anything on the roof of my car, but for some reason, I set cat pouch up there. It took me a while to realize I didn't have it with me, and even longer to accept what must have happened. I still look for it every time I drive though his neighborhood, but I know in my heart that it is gone for good.

One day, I will find another cat vest and cat pouch II will be born.

I'm probably being way too dramatic about this, but I really liked it. Okay?

Cat Pouch DIY//

Materials Needed:

Thrifted tapestry vest, scissors, zipper, needle and thread, sewing machine. (optional: A book for a size guide)

1// Cut the tapestry fabric away from the lining, and using a large book, cut one piece in your desired size.  2// Pin first piece to the uncut tapestry fabric and cut a second piece in the exact same size.

3// Cut your zipper to slightly longer than your desired length and sew to your two tapestry pieces. 4// Turn inside out and sew the edges for the rest of the pouch.

5// As per the instructions on the zipper packaging, create a new stopper using a needle and thread. 6// Love it, use it, and never let it out of your sight.

Farewell, beloved cat pouch. May we meet agin one day.

xo Allison

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