12 Ways to Wear It

Lately, I've been challenging myself to make myself more willing to spend a little more on a quality piece of clothing, and therefore buy fewer things. This challenge was born from me cleaning out my closet and realizing that I only owned one short sleeve shirt from Target (come on, we all know the one), in, like, 9 colors. No more; I vowed to buy things with style, and not just buy them because they were cheap.

So, I purchased this dress from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago deciding that I needed a delicate and fancier dress to add to my, very casual, collection. I spent more on it than I would have formerly allowed myself to spend on something, but I had my new resolve. When I brought it home I noticed someone, not me, had left part of their face on it. Orangey foundation was streaked on the front and magenta lipstick on the slip-- not exactly my colors. I went back the next day to return it, only to find out that every store was sold out of it! Instead of parting ways with it, I brought it back home with me looking on the bright side at the fact that I must have really good taste, and confident I could get the stains out. This fiasco, though, made me realize that while it is a quality piece, I bought it expecting not to wear it much, which is the opposite of what I was supposed to be doing. And so, 12 Ways to Wear It was born.

Once a month, for a whole year, I will share a different styling for this dress for (slightly fancy) daily wear. I want to challenge myself to get creative with my outfit creating skills and maybe inspire you to try something similar. So, get ready, because the first installment will be up in a week. I just hope I can get the stains out by then...

xo Allison 

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  1. I'M OBSESSED WITH YOUR BLOG. You may just be the cutest person I know. And, good choice on the dress ) Can't wait to read more and see what fun things you post!!