Let's be totally honest.

I have been stressing about this blog for MONTHS. I thought that I needed to have everything figured out, planned and put together before I could even put a sentence out in the internet universe. But, earlier today, I was thinking about the people who inspire me; my parents, my sweet Jake, The Beatles of course, and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess. Her achievements blow me away, there's just something about what she is able to do that just inspires me-- beyond measure. She is the entire reason I thought I might want to blog, and after I thought of it, more reasons came to me. But, Elsie and A Beautiful Mess started it all for me. So, that's why I'm here.

On a less serious, but similar topic, I was thinking about how cool it was that when Elsie announced her new personal blog, Everyday Elsie, she already had like, a months worth of posts, without anyone having read them. So I thought, that even thought I'm in no way "ready" by my standards, I should get some words out there, try my hand at this whole blogging thing before there's the pressure of anyone reading it. Nevertheless, I am excited (and slightly nauseous) for this new chapter in my life and where the road from here on out will lead me.

So, here we go...

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